Sharing some of my MS experience

A new year of postings

2009 has gotten off to a pretty intense start.  The hectic end of 2008, the wonderful holidays, my 14th wedding anniversary (New Year’s Eve!) and the inauguration of Barack Obama as our 44th president has certainly made this an amazing time in our country.

I also started a very intense round of  physical therapy which is focused on correcting my walk and strengthening my legs in general.  Between the hip relacement and the MS, I have not driven a car or walked unassisted since December of 2007.  This is HUGE for me, as anyone who knows me will tell you.

This year, I am committed to being healthier than I have ever been.  Even with MS, I can still be an energetic and active person with a specific message to share.  Through my buddhist practice, I have learned that every one of us has a unique mission to fulfill.  Although I cannot always put my mission into words, I am always sure when I am doing the things that I should be doing – rather than what other people are expecting me to do.  I am a wife, mother, friend, sister, and daughter.  Like most women, I have responsibilities inside and outside of my family – as a board member, committee member, organizer, coordinator, and volunteer.  All of these are important to me, but my current condition directly affects how I can participate in these actitivies.  Using the phone and electronic communication more efficiently will be required for me to be able to have any impact on my future activities.  Flexibility in my own standards for myself will also be required…


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