Sharing some of my MS experience

Happy New Year!

The year 2009 has started, and I am finally able to lift my head above the (raging!) waters of the holidays and to try writing again!  Happy New Year everyone!

I have started thinking a lot about what I am supposed to be learning from this whole MS experience.  The week, Oprah had her “Live Your Best Life” series, and I watched it all week.  Everyone who knows me knows that I do not ever miss an episode of Oprah (it even is re-aired every night at 1AM, and I watch that if I miss the earlier broadcast!)

The question of whether or not I am living what could be called my “best life” is a good one.  What exactly does that look like, since my life has been turned completely upside-down?  There are many people who receive much more devastating diagnoses than MS every day – what is wrong with me?  What prevents me from being able to pull myself together — like [I would like to think!] I did every day before my diagnosis?

During the episode about spirituality, one of the speakers said that when you find yourself stuck in a difficult phase of your life, it makes sense to ask Spirit “What am I being asked to give birth to?” or “What am I to learn from this experience?”  I have been asking these questions, and have not yet found a definitive answer, but asking the questions does open up the space to receive some answers….

Had an appointment with a physiatrist last week – I had never heard of one before, but have learned that it is a medical doctor with an expertise in physical therapy.  Who knew???  Based on his suggestions, I have started working with a neurological physical therapist who is clear that my main therapeutic goal is to walk unassisted again.  Pretty aggressive for someone who uses an electronic scooter every day!  I now have exercises to do at home and 16 outpatient sessions scheduled between now and March first (thank the universe and my husband’s employer for health insurance coverage!)  I will keep you posted on my progress….


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